Motorized Outdoor Screens

Motorized outdoor screens have transformed the way we experience and utilize outdoor spaces, offering a seamless blend of comfort, functionality, and convenience. From window screens to porch, door, and garage door screens, these motorized solutions have enhanced the way we interact with our outdoor environments.

Phantom Screens Atlanta is proud to offer motorized outdoor screens for your convenience and comfort. Motorized outdoor screens are a great way to optimize your property and maximize your space year-round. Give us a call today for more information on all of your favorite styles!

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Window Screens

Motorized window screens combine the charm of open-air living with modern convenience. These screens can be seamlessly integrated into your home’s existing windows, allowing you to enjoy the outdoors without incoming bugs, dander, and pollen. With the touch of a button, these screens descend, providing protection from insects and harsh sunlight while allowing fresh air to flow through your living spaces. Their customizable sizes and designs ensure a perfect fit for your windows, enhancing both aesthetics and functionality.

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Porch Screens

Motorized porch screens offer homeowners the luxury of transforming their porch into a versatile living area. Like window screens, these screens also effortlessly descend to shield against insects, pollen, and excessive sun exposure. Enjoy relaxing on your porch year-round by grabbing a cozy heater and cuddling up with your favorite cup of coffee or tea while you experience nature from the comfort of your home or office space. Your porch screens create the perfect enclosed space, protecting your privacy while preserving your connection to nature. Whether it’s a quiet evening or a social gathering, motorized porch screens adapt to your lifestyle with ease.

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Door Screens

Motorized door screens provide an elegant solution to maintaining a bug-free environment while seamlessly connecting indoor and outdoor spaces. Motorized door screens can be installed on various types of doors, from French doors to sliding patio doors. Their automated operation ensures effortless access while keeping insects at bay. 

The convenience of these screens adds an inviting touch to your home and gives you the peace of mind to allow your little ones to have fun outdoors while you look on from the comfort of your office, kitchen, or dining space. No more having to physically open and close your entry door every time you wish to check in, simply leave your door open, lock your motorized screens into place, and experience enhanced visibility with motorized door screens!

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Garage Door Screens

Motorized garage door screens transform your garage into a multifunctional area ideal for work and play. Incredibly versatile, your garage’s motorized outdoor screens provide ventilation while preventing pests and debris from entering your garage space. With their automation, transitioning between an open-air environment and a secured space is effortless, expanding your usable living space. 

Though the options are truly limitless, here are some ideas of the ways you can transform your garage space with motorized outdoor screens:

Benefits Of Motorized Outdoor Screens

With their many uses, the benefits of motorized outdoor screens are innumerable. From elevating your porch space to enhancing your indoor/outdoor living capabilities, motorized outdoor screens are an excellent option for your local Georgia home or business. Take a look at some of the additional benefits of garage door screens below!

Benefits of motorized outdoor screens:

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