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Retractable screens have emerged as a versatile and functional addition to both residential and commercial spaces, offering a seamless blend of convenience, style, and practicality. Available in various types and applications, these screens cater to diverse needs, enhancing the functionality and aesthetics of any environment.

Allow Phantom Screens Atlanta to elevate your local Georgia home or business with the addition of retractable screens. Style and convenience are our specialty, and we work hard to ensure that you experience both! Contact our team of professionals today for expert advice on how our retractable screens can work for you, and be sure to visit our blog for more information and ideas on the practical applications of retractable screens in your daily life.

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Types of Retractable Screens

We have several types of retractable screens available. Each is fully customizable and will be sized to fit your unique needs. Whether you’re looking to enjoy a quiet breeze or want to enhance your entryways, we’ve got you covered. Our available screen types include:

Window Screens

Retractable window screens offer homeowners the flexibility to enjoy natural ventilation while keeping insects out. These screens seamlessly retract into a discreet storage case when not in use, allowing unobstructed views and full open spaces when you want them.

Patio and Porch Screens

Retractable screens for patios and porches extend living spaces by creating enclosed areas. These screens offer protection from natural debris, raging winds, and harsh sunlight while providing privacy and comfort.

Door Screens

From sliding doors to French doors, retractable door screens provide an elegant solution for maintaining an insect and pollutant-free environment while allowing easy access in and out of your property. These screens retract into slim casings, preserving the door’s appearance and functionality.

Retractable Screens For Your Home Or Work Space

Our retractable screens aren’t a one-trick pony. They can be used for many different purposes across industries, home types, and business models. Check out some of the ways you can use your retractable screens below!

Gray Sliding Patio Doors

At Home

While at your home or any residential location, your retractable screens:

  • Enhance comfort by allowing you to enjoy fresh air and natural light indoors
  • Boost aesthetics by blending seamlessly with the architecture and design of your home
  • Provide flexible living spaces by creating enclosed areas which can be used for further entertainment or relaxation
Advertising Window Screens

At The Office

Install retractable screens in your workspace for enhanced comfort and productivity. Whether you’re in a corporate, commercial, or agricultural setting, retractable screens are a great way to boost company morale and provide the views and air circulation needed to keep your workday flowing seamlessly. 

Some benefits of retractable screens at the office include:

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