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About Phantom Screens

Phantom Garage Door Screens – Building Better Screens Since 1992

Phantom Screens was born in a single-car garage over 30 years ago. Upon our founding in 1992, we were the only retractable screen company. Though we are no longer the only company manufacturing retractable screens, we are certainly still the best! Our screens are customized for your space and enhance your home with added comfort and convenience. Phantom garage door screens offer natural ventilation, fresh air, insect protection, and more! At Phantom Screens Atlanta, we’re excited to serve our customers in the metro Atlanta area with top-quality retractable screens for doors, windows, and patios. 

Phantom Screens Atlanta is the exclusive distributor of Phantom Screens in the North Georgia Region.

Our Vision

Values That Matter & Goals Worth Pursuing

We’re there when you need us to enhance your lifestyle. Make us your number 1 choice for retractable screen solutions. Experience Phantom today!

Phantom Screens

We strive day in and day out to achieve our vision, elevating your quality of life one screen at a time. This guides our direction as a retractable screens company and who we aspire to become.

We are truthful about our practices and build trust through transparency and honest communication. We value servant leadership that empowers others and embraces diversity. We pursue excellence, not only in manufacturing quality products but in listening to our customers’ needs and exploring new and creative ways to inspire change and promote progress. We practice stewardship that goes beyond the economic success of our company and gives us the ability to positively impact our customers, stakeholders, and community. Thank you for partnering with us as we continue to bring our vision, and yours, to life!

Our Process

Retractable Screen Installation Process

When you’re ready for a retractable screen installation for your door, window, or patio, our trained installers will walk you through the entire process from start to finish. We’ll start by listening. You have a vision, and we want to make your unique space work for you! We’ll ensure you understand all of your options, and we’ll answer all your questions along the way. After measuring your doors, windows, or outdoor space, we’ll follow our industry-standard installation methods and protocols to ensure a successful installation of your phantom garage door screens.


Why Choose A Phantom Retractable Screen Instead Of A Traditional Screen?

Traditional screens are always visible, whereas a retractable screen can completely disappear when it is not in use. Retractable Phantom garage door screens, or screens for your entryway, window, or patio, are stored in a custom case until you’re ready to use them. This adds convenience, versatility, and visual appeal to your home design. 

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Should I Fix A Rip In My Screen By Myself?


Josh and Ryan, founders of Phantom Screens Atlanta

Josh & Ryan

Josh & Ryan are the founders of Phantom Screens Atlanta. Both founders are skilled service professionals with extensive experience in the sale, repair, and installation of phantom garage door screens and garage doors near the Metro Atlanta area and beyond. This duo also owns two successful industry-leading Northern Georgia businesses, and can also be found at Aaron Overhead Doors Atlanta, serving valued customers like you!

Retractable screens covering outdoor dining area.

Sliding Phantom garage door Screens view from inside of the home.

Sliding wood-tone screen

Retractable screen from Phantom Screens Atlanta

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