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We create our screens with the intention that they will be invisible.

A young girl standing in front of Phantom sliding screen over the front door.

Maximize Your Space:

Our Retractable Screens

Snag the perfect screen for your doors, windows, and outdoor spaces. With Phantom Screens, you have the option to make your screen disappear by swiping it back into its own custom casing. Every design is sleek and allows you to open your home further than ever before. Have the best of both worlds with Phantom Screens! 

Patio Screens

A screen around your front or backyard patio can create the ambiance for the perfect brunch, playdate, or reading nook. Create outdoor comfort on your own terms and save yourself the best seat in the house—outside—with our patio Phantom Screens. 

Window Screens

Sliding, single-hung, and casement windows that you can push open? We have them all! Fresh air isn’t a luxury, but you have the choice to achieve it in style. The options for absolute fresh air are better than ever with our window screens!

Door Screens

Choose from an array of door types for a new retractable screen door addition. We also install door screens to your existing entry door! Achieve the airflow of your dreams with a cross-breeze from your sliding back door all the way to your double front doors! Thank us later.

Find the Perfect Screen

Every door, window, or patio screen is a custom, retractable screen from Phantom Screens Atlanta. Open your screen a little, or a lot, with a custom retractable screen from us!

Custom Phantom screen

Custom Screens

We don’t just install standard screens, we provide custom coverage. Your backyard patio, entry door, or windows could all be an indoor/outdoor haven. Your screens will be there when you need them and out of the way when you don’t.

We design our screens with a remote-controlled electronic lifting mechanism for you to enjoy the outdoors when you want. Why view the world through the frames of your home when you could live life in the open? Enjoy the full view of your outdoor space from the palm of your hand. Control your custom screen with a remote, a wall switch, or a smartphone. It’s that easy!

Does Phantom Screens Atlanta offer manual and motorized screen options?

As the seasons change, catching a summer breeze or the crisp autumn air may be exactly what you need to help aid your internal transition. Whatever type of opening your home has, custom screens from Phantom Screens Atlanta are the answer for expanding your living space into an indoor/outdoor oasis.

Frequently Asked Questions

Contact one of our Phantom Screens Atlanta team members for answers to all of your screen design, installation, and repair questions.

With what kind of door can you install a retractable screen?

Can I lock my Phantom Screens?

What type of mesh is available for installation?

Can I color-match my screens to my house?

How much is a Phantom Screen installation for my patio?

Where is the casement located on my Phantom Screen?

Since every Phantom Screen installation is customizable, the casement location on your door, window, or garage door is varied. Many door and window Phantom Screens are mounted to the side, and custom roll-up screens, sliding doors, and transom windows are all available.

Dark-tint retractable screen covering outdoor lounge area.

Find the Perfect Screen

Phantom Screens Atlanta provides the most elegant and convenient feature to your home with professional installation based on your schedule. Get a quote from our experts and order a custom screen today.

Premium Service for Premium Screens

Looking for an airy breakfast nook, a naturally ventilated reading room, or a creative hangout spot that can be shared among family and friends? Talk with a Pro about our custom casement designs and how to get your door or window opening measured. Upon your inquiry, we will schedule you with one of our designers for an in-person meeting and quote your personalized, retractable screens. Open these premium screens to let the fresh air in!