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Why is it called Phantom Screens?

Phantom Screens gets its name by giving customers the option to make their screen visible or not. With the press of a button, you can make your screen disappear, or decide to keep the benefits of a ventilated screen. Learn more about our motorized screens, our process, and how to get started with your very own custom installation!

Can I lock my Phantom Screens?

How do I find the perfect screen for me?

Every Phantom Screen is Retractable & Customizable.

What are my design options for installation?

Can you install a retractable screen to my home’s Dutch doors?

Can I color-match my screens to my house?

How are Phantom Screens different from my sliding screen door?

Will a motorized screen fit on my business’ storefront?

What type of mesh is available on a Phantom Screen?

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Phantom Screens Atlanta provides the most elegant and convenient feature to your home with professional installation based on your schedule. Get a quote from our experts and order a custom screen today.

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Phantom Screens Installation

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What warranties come with my Phantom Screens installation?

Can Phantom Screens Atlanta come to my rural home?

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Our Blog is also full of retractable screen information and tips for creating a backyard staycation for many seasons to come! At Phantom Screens Atlanta, we provide beautiful, custom retractable screens that will not only gain you tons of compliments from guests or passerby, but treat you each time with maximum convenience and comfort. Contact us to book an appointment for your future Phantom Screens today.

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