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Our Retractable screen warranty

We don’t stop caring about our screens once they’re installed. You expect your screens to last. We expect them to last a lifetime.

Screens designed for peace of mind.

Phantom Screens Warranty

After thirty years in business, we are proud to say that we’re still the best retractable screen company on the market. When we began, we were the first and only name in the business. Now, we’re the most experienced and reliable manufacturer in our industry. Whether you give us a call in fifteen months or fifteen years, we’ll be right here, ready to serve you.

Our guarantee is the best in the industry. Your Phantom Screens are covered by a limited lifetime warranty. No matter when you need us, a fix is just a phone call away.

Not all screens are built to last a lifetime, but ours are.

Our screens come with corrosion-resistant finishes and extruded aluminum casings and tracks. Unlike traditional screens, Phantom Screens retract into a sturdy aluminum casing whenever they’re not in use. This protects them from the elements and provides added protection against pets and little ones, so they last much longer than other retractable screen brands. 

Warranty FAQs: 

What is the Phantom Screen warranty, and how does it work?
What does a limited lifetime warranty mean?
How long does the warranty last?
How do I make a claim on my warranty if something breaks?
Am I able to extend my warranty?
Is mesh replacement covered under warranty?
I just moved, will the screen warranty transfer to the new owners?
If I take down my screen and reinstall it myself, will I lose the warranty?
Does my warranty cover services?

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