Phantom Screens Partners With Southern Living

close up- Southern Living Idea House 2023

Phantom Screens specially partnered with this past year’s showcase for Southern Living Idea House 2023 for none other than expertly incorporating its use for indoor and outdoor spaces, expanding on what a sustainable smart home could look like. Readers and guests who found themselves at the 60-acre Hatcliff residence in Tennessee were amazed at the ultimate unveiling of motorized screens! 

How Phantom Screens Taught Southern Living About Indoor & Outdoor Living

Southern Living is a popular culture and lifestyle magazine which features an annual “Idea House” which perfectly showcases house and garden plans and decor, and the Southern Living Idea House 2023 was no exception. 

Southern Living Idea House 2023 brings us to Mary and Patrick of Hatcliff Construction and their custom-built home outfitted with a tailored color palette and primary living spaces immediately connected to stunning views of the natural scenery. They live in rural Williamson County, just outside of Nashville, TN, and it is anything but a quaint, family farmhouse found in the rolling hills. 

Hatcliff Construction

Check Out Motorized Vinyl and Screening For Porches!

kitchen view

If you look into the porch area…see that track? There’s both screening and vinyl that motorize up and down to protect open porches when weather might not allow. Powered by Somfy, motorized screens prove that it doesn’t have to be a battle choosing between indoor versus outdoor spaces anymore. Phantom Screens seamlessly lets the indoor comfortability coexist with the natural outdoors.

Mary was first introduced to Phantom Screens at a showhouse in Atlanta when everyone there was congregating on the back porch. And there it was: Welcome to Phantom Screens Atlanta!

“Once I saw the screens in motion, that’s when I knew I had to have that for our home,” said Mary.

The idea of customized and motorized screens for their clients’ custom-built homes was a no-brainer. They encourage each and every one of their clients wanting big entryway doors and windows to incorporate Phantom Screens into their indoor and outdoor living lifestyle.

Make It The Best Home

outdoor patio motorized screens
Southern Living Idea House 2023-wide view

In the summertime South, you wouldn’t eat outside unless you have a screen built up around you. The Hatcliff’s upper porch boasts five Phantom motorized dual roller screens surrounding their main level’s outdoor living and dining room, plus their outdoor kitchen and grill area. The dual roller screens offer their home protection from bugs with the screen’s mesh, or a climate-controlled spaced with the clear vinyl. 

Additionally, the vinyl screens help control temperature by retaining heat or cold and providing 90% UV block. Even if you waver from the vinyl addition, just the screen alone can protect you from bugs, heat, and other uncomfortable outdoor conditions.

Meanwhile, on the ground level, their lower porch features two Phantom motorized screens that offer ample hosting opportunities all year-round. The best southern living is bug-free, pollen-protected, temperature-controlled, and with endless entertainment at any time of the year, you can have more than the best of both worlds with a Phantom Screens installation!

Find the Perfect Screen

Phantom Screens Atlanta provides the most elegant and convenient feature to your home with professional installation based on your schedule. Get a quote from our experts and order a custom screen today.

Make More Living Space

Patrick remarks that clients are asking for bigger doors that emulate the inviting light and space that large windows provide. A Phantom Screens custom installation is far more affordable than adding onto your home. And we couldn’t agree more!

Mary and Patrick chose a screen and vinyl install with their motorized Phantom Screens. With the touch of a button powered by Somfy, they can utilize the screen whenever they want the bugs out, or further protect their space with the vinyl drawn down without visually impairing the natural scenery.

screen and vinyl install
outdoor kitchen view

Make it Disappear Out of Sight

There is no such thing as dust-collecting blinds or shutters when you want your Phantom Screens drawn completely up. The custom casement is designed to roll up in a neat fashion and disappear. This is known as a Phantom Screens specialty, as there are no distracting strings to take away from your indoor and outdoor living space. 

What makes Southern Living Idea House 2023 sustainable is the screen paired with Phantom Screens alone helps with energy savings during temperature dips. The vinyl they’ve also paired with their Phantom Screens installation makes any home all the more versatile. 

Phantom Screens Integration With Somfy

The remote and smartphone application with Somfy enables you to open or close your Phantom Screens. The motorized and automatic function of Phantom Screens takes the smart house function of Southern Living Idea House 2023 to a whole new level with Somfy. 

With a seamless integration and simple automated controls, Somfy smart technology can assist in one Phantom Screen drawn further down than the neighboring screen or vice versa. If there’s a glaring sunrise or sunset, for instance, depending on the number of vinyl or mesh screens you have, you can personalize each one to reach further down than the others. 

You could even integrate Somfy with your home’s light and other electrical units! Just ask a Phantom Screens installer how. 


Warranty On Professional Phantom Screen Installations

Idea House planning 2023

Southern Living Idea House 2023 represents the sustainable smart house other homeowners can aspire to, and take hidden gems they’ve seen with the Hatcliff residence that they could incorporate into their own home. Phantom Screens offers a limited lifetime warranty on all installations. A hidden gem, indeed! From hand-held remotes to wall switches to sun & wind sensors, you could achieve the ultimate “Southern Living” brand with your very own custom, motorized screens

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