Seasonal Screen Door Maintenance: DIY Or Phone A Friend?

Many of us associate seasonal changes with sun, snowboards, spices, and scarves, but what about screen door maintenance? We rely on our retractable door screens as a way to guard our home from any unwanted wandering intrusions or to add privacy and comfort to our indoor spaces. With all that they do, it’s only right to give them the proper upkeep they deserve. As the seasons change, there is no better time to take stock of the areas around our homes that need some long-overdue TLC.

One of the main conveniences of retractable screens is their ability to transition from locked in place to loud and proud with a single swipe of the hand. When in use, they serve as a wonderful way to filter out harmful debris, sizable airborne pollutants, and outdoor pests. But when they aren’t needed, they can just as easily be pushed back into place. This becomes our daily routine. 

If we’re not careful, we can operate on autopilot with our retractable screens. Just as they can be pushed into place, important screen maintenance responsibilities can be pushed to the back burner as well. This article seeks to bring light to this reality and mitigate its chances. Smoothly slide into this and every other season with home solutions of your own and with a little help from our Phantom Screens professionals.

Doing Your Part: Screen Door Maintenance On Your Schedule

Taking charge of the health of your retractable screen door is a must. Though service members are often always available, there are times when maintenance services simply cannot wait. In those instances, it’s important to have a trick or two up your sleeve to carry you over until the next necessary service. Routine cleaning is an easy and affordable screen door maintenance option to keep in mind!

Consistent Cleaning Is Key

Keeping your screen door clean is a simple, yet significant part of screen door maintenance you can tackle all on your own! Since your door works in part to keep out unwanted pests, insects, and debris, it’s only natural that over time, buildup will accumulate. Things that can prevent proper function will need to be discarded. 

  • Spider Webs 
  • Rocks 
  • Leaves 
  • Twigs 
  • Dust 
  • Dirt 
  • Pollen 
  • Mold Growth 

When left intact, the buildup of these items can prevent your door from sliding along its tracks appropriately and even hinder visibility. Both pose major safety risks. Inconsistent cleaning can also damage your door since harsh debris can tear the mesh. 

Cleaning your screen door is a vital component of screen door maintenance and creates a clean surface (pun intended) for all other maintenance or repairs. We recommend doing this once monthly using a vacuum attachment with a soft brush or simply wiping down and rinsing your door with warm water and soap. 

Find the Perfect Screen

Phantom Screens Atlanta provides the most elegant and convenient feature to your home with professional installation based on your schedule. Get a quote from our experts and order a custom screen today.

What We Can Do: Scheduled Screen Door Maintenance 

Professional screen door maintenance solutions are always readily available! Keep in mind that some maintenance and repair services may be covered under your limited lifetime warranty. If you’re experiencing a screen door maintenance issue that you are unable to address, give us a call!  

Reasons To Contact A Service Member

Sometimes it’s necessary to call in a screen door professional for screen door maintenance. Reasons to call include:

  • You are unaware of how to perform a maintenance procedure
  • You wish to prevent hazards for small children or pets
  • You fear that you may break your door and void your warranty if you do it alone
  • You do not have the time 
  • You don’t possess any equipment 
  • You need your door professionally lubricated
  • You need specific guidance
  • You need a repair service instead

Screen Door Maintenance Made Easy

Whether you’re doing it yourself or requesting professional assistance, seasonal screen door maintenance is a must. No matter your decision, never shy away from calling a local professional if you have questions or concerns. Our team at Phantom Screens Atlanta is always available to help!

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