5 Tips for Creating an Irresistible Backyard for Entertaining

With summer just around the corner, you may be looking for new ideas to brighten up your outdoor space, making it the perfect place to while away those warm nights. If that sounds like you, then check out our five tips for creating an irresistible backyard for entertaining! With a few upgrades, your backyard will be the envy of the neighborhood and the new favorite place for friends and family to gather.

Top 5 Tips for Creating an Irresistible Backyard Entertaining Space

Blur the Line Between Inside and Outside

Creating an irresistible outdoor living space is all about making it as welcoming and comfortable as possible. The best way to do this is by blurring the line between the inside and outside spaces of your home. Inside and outside entertaining spaces should seamlessly transition between one another so guests can move in and out at their leisure. 

The simplest way to create this indoor/outdoor transition is with sliding French doors or a full-view glass garage door. Either of these can be opened to let in cool breezes while inviting guests to mill inside and outside the house. This also creates more space, making your home and outdoor living area seem larger. 

However, the upgraded way of blurring the line between inside and outside is with automatic retractable screens. Available for patios, windows, and doors, these easy-to-use, automatic screens disappear into the casing to create open-concept spaces for every area of your home. These screens also allow you to keep out pests while enjoying cool breezes and the sounds of summertime.

Automatic Patio Screens

Furnish for Comfort

Once you have your seamless indoor/outdoor space set up, it is time to pick furnishings. As the focal point of your irresistible outdoor entertaining space, you want to choose the most comfortable and stylish furniture. Depending on the goals of your backyard, you may choose several comfortable couches or a roomy dining table. Because this furniture will be exposed to the outdoors – even if it is under a covered patio – make sure to invest in weatherproof fabrics and durable frames. 

In addition to furniture, you can go further to create a comfortable living space by adding throw pillows, rugs, and even some blankets for cold nights. This will invite guests to get comfortable and stay awhile.

Find the Perfect Screen

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Create Ambience with Lighting

Great lighting is key to creating an irresistible backyard entertaining space that is both comfortable and functional. There are numerous options to choose from depending on the ambiance you want to curate in your space. For example, string lights create a bright but intimate atmosphere, lanterns are elegant and classic, and pathway lighting is both practical and welcoming. Options for outdoor lighting include:

  • String lights
  • Pendant lights
  • Solar-powered lights
  • Fairy lights
  • Pathway lights
  • Lanterns
  • Security lights
  • Floodlights
  • Candles
  • Outdoor chandeliers 

Beyond just making your outdoor entertaining space more beautiful and comfortable for guests, lighting also serves the functional purpose of making it easy to grill, play games, or read at night. It also lights pathways and far-reaching areas of your yard to make it safe for guests to navigate.

Make It Weather and Bug-Proof 

A key part of creating a great backyard is keeping out bad weather and bugs. You and your guests want to be able to relax without worrying about rain or swatting bugs. There are a few ways to do this. 

The most affordable way to make your patio bug-proof is by investing in citronella candles or planting citronella, mint, or oregano around your porch. These smells will chase away the bugs while sweetly scenting your entertainment space. 

However, the best way to create an outdoor living space that is comfortable year-round while blocking bad weather and bugs is with motorized patio screens. Automatic screens for patios, windows, and doors can be controlled through your smartphone, making it easy to control and create a comfortable outdoor living space. The mesh screens keep out bugs and rain, allowing you to relax and entertain even in poor weather. 

Automatic Screens for entertaining

Add Personal Touches

Now for the fun part: adding personal touches that will really wow your guests. Landscaping is a great first step. Add planter boxes, perennial flowers, an herb garden, and feed your lawn to make the space bright and green. Then add flagstones for a comfortable pathway, a water feature, throw pillows, and more to make the space feel like home. When it comes to personalizing your outdoor entertaining space, it’s all up to you!

Let Phantom Screens Atlanta Help You Upgrade Your Backyard

Do you need help making these great ideas happen? Check out Phantom Screens Atlanta and the fantastic product options we have available! As we mentioned above, automatic patio screens are a great way to blend your indoor and outdoor entertaining spaces while keeping out bad weather and bugs. Available for patios, windows, and doors, retractable screens make it easy to create comfortable and welcoming transitional spaces in your home. Explore our website to learn more, or contact us to book an appointment!

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